Above Lending and Beyond Finance: Growing Your Business

Accessing Business Financing With Above Lending

So you’ve got a great business idea and are ready to take the next step. Accessing financing is key to growing your company, and Above Lending can help make that happen.


Ways to Access Business Financing With Above Lending

Below are some the ways to Access Business finance with above lending: 

1. Term Loans

Need working capital for daily operations or funds for large purchases? A term loan provides a lump sum of cash upfront that you repay over time with interest.

Above Lending offers competitive rates and flexible terms from 1 to 5 years so you can find an option that fits your needs and budget.


2. Lines of Credit

For flexibility, a business line of credit gives you access to funds as you need them. You only pay interest on the amount you withdraw.

It’s a great solution if your cash flow varies or you need to cover short-term costs. Above Lending’s lines of credit provide limits up to $500K so you’ll have funds on hand when opportunities arise.

3. Equipment Financing

To purchase costly equipment, machinery, or vehicles for your company without draining your accounts, consider equipment financing. Above Lending offers loans specifically for acquiring essential equipment with terms up to 7 years so you can spread out payments over time.


4. Invoice Factoring

If you struggle with cash flow due to unpaid customer invoices, invoice factoring through Above Lending provides quick access to a portion of the funds owed to you.

Above Lending provides more than just money. Their team of finance experts can consult on the best options for your unique situation.

Using Finance Strategically to Grow Your Company

Using strategic financing can help catapult your company to the next level of growth. Some of these strategies include: 

1. Invest in technology and automation

Upgrading systems and software or automating manual processes can increase efficiency and productivity, allowing you to do more with less. This frees up resources to focus on high-priority or high-growth areas of the business.

2. Expand into new markets or territories

If you have a proven business model, use financing to replicate it in new locations or launch into adjacent markets. This spreads risk and opens up new revenue streams for the company. Make sure any expansion aligns with your core mission and values.

3. Develop new products or services

R&D requires significant investment to design, test, and launch new offerings. Financing provides the fuel for product innovation and experimentation. Even if some new products fail, the successes can drive business growth.

4. Recruit top talent

Having adequate funding means you can attract and retain the best and brightest employees. Skilled, experienced team members will elevate your company and help execute strategic growth plans. Competitive pay and benefits are key.

5. Consider mergers and acquisitions

If acquiring another company could provide synergies, increased market share or competitive advantage, financing makes this possible. Do thorough due diligence to ensure any deal is aligned with your goals and culture.

Strategic financing is not an end in itself but rather a means to bigger and better outcomes. Think about how additional funding can help your company expand into new areas, reach new customers, and achieve its greatest potential.

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Thinking Beyond Traditional Finance to Scale Your Business

To scale and grow your business beyond what traditional business financing can provide, you need to think outside the box.

Several strategies can help supplement your funding sources and set you up for long-term success.


Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe are popular ways for startups and small businesses to raise money from individual donors. You propose your business idea or new product on the platform, set a fundraising goal, and promote it to potential backers.

This can be an effective way to validate your idea, build buzz, and raise funds without giving up equity. The key is creating a compelling campaign and building an engaged community of supporters.

Angel investors

Wealthy individuals, known as angel investors, provide funding for startups in exchange for equity in the business.

Angels invest their own money and often have a personal interest in the company or industry. To find angel investors, tap into your personal and professional network, do research to find angels focused on your industry, or work with an angel investor network.

Venture capital

For high-growth startups, venture capital firms provide larger funding in exchange for equity in your company.

Venture capitalists typically invest money from funds they manage on behalf of institutional investors. They look for companies with the potential for huge returns, usually tech startups with scalable business models.

Raising venture capital is very competitive, so you need a disruptive idea, proven traction, and the potential for rapid growth. Venture funding can be riskier but provides the fuel to scale quickly.


Thinking beyond traditional loans and tapping into these alternative funding sources requires work but can pay off big for your business. Do your research, build key relationships, craft a compelling pitch, and never stop looking for new opportunities to secure the funding you need to achieve your vision.

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