The Best Finance Leasing Software for Your Needs

What Is Finance Leasing ?

Finance leasing software helps leasing companies manage their day-to-day Operation using Software.


This type of software automates and streamlines tasks like generating lease quotes, payment processing, customer relationship management, and reporting.

What can finance leasing software do?

Finance leasing software has many useful features for leasing companies:

1. Generate lease quotes quickly based on your rates and the asset details


This allows you to provide quotes to potential customers right away.

2. Manage payments and billing

The software can automatically bill customers, process payments, send reminders for late payments, and handle customer queries about invoices.


3. Track assets and customers

You’ll have a database to store details on leased assets, customers, contracts, and accounts.

4. Generate reports

Get insights into your business’s performance with reports on aging accounts receivable, portfolio risk, customer profitability, and more. Use these reports to make better business decisions.

5. Handle customer service

Keep notes on customer interactions, schedule follow-ups, log complaints and compliments, and set reminders to reach out to customers.

6. Manage end-of-lease options.

When a lease ends, you can use the software to handle asset returns, sales, or lease extensions. This helps avoid penalties, lost revenue, or assets that fall through the cracks.

Finance leasing software provides an easy way to oversee your leasing operations in one place. For small and mid-sized leasing companies, an automated solution can help maximize productivity and scale your business.

With the right software, you’ll be able to focus less on routine tasks and more on growing your company.

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Top Features to Look for in Finance Leasing Software

When evaluating finance leasing software, look for options with these top features:

1. User-Friendly Interface

The interface should be clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate. As a leasing company, you’ll be accessing the software daily, so you want a system that’s simple to use and won’t require extensive training.

Look for a dashboard that provides an overview of key metrics, accounts, and tasks. The software should also have robust reporting and analytics tools that are easy to access and understand.

2. Automation and Integration

The best finance leasing software will automate time-consuming tasks like billing, payment processing, contract generation, and compliance monitoring. It should also integrate with tools you already use, such as your CRM, accounting software, and e-signature platforms.

Automation and integration save you time and reduce errors, allowing you to focus on more strategic work.

3. Flexible and Customizable

Your software should be flexible enough to adapt to your unique processes and needs. Look for a solution that lets you customize fields, reports, dashboards, and workflows.

You may need to track specialized data or follow specific steps for different types of leases. Customizable software ensures you have a system tailored to your business.

4. Robust Reporting

A good software provides real-time insights into key metrics like sales volume, revenue, outstanding payments, and contract expirations. You’ll want reports that show high-level overviews as well as granular details.

Look for options with pre-built reports as well as ad hoc reporting tools so you can create customized reports on demand.

5. Security and Compliance

For finance leasing software, security and compliance are must-haves. Ensure any solution you consider meets industry standards for data protection and privacy.

It should also help your business stay compliant with regulations like PCI DSS for payment data and disclosures required by federal and state laws.

The 5 Best Finance Leasing Software Solutions for Your Business

Here are 5 of the best finance leasing software options to consider for your company.

1. LeaseWave

LeaseWave is an end-to-end lease and loan management solution that handles everything from credit applications and approvals to billing and payments. It is a modular SaaS platform, allowing you to start with the basics and add on features as needed.

LeaseWave integrates with popular accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage, making it easy to keep your books up to date. They offer solutions for equipment leasing, vehicle leasing, and loan origination.

2. NetSol Technologies

NetSol Technologies provides cloud-based and on-premise finance and leasing software solutions for businesses worldwide.

Their flagship product, LeasePak, handles the entire leasing lifecycle and integrates with ERP systems. It includes modules for credit application processing, billing, collections, asset management, and more.

NetSol also offers systems for fleet management, wholesale finance, and mobility. They have specific solutions for auto, healthcare, technology, and transportation industries.

3. DealSumm

DealSumm is an end-to-end lease and loan origination platform with workflow automation and electronic document management. Their software handles credit applications, approvals, lease and loan accounting, billing, and servicing.

DealSumm integrates with credit bureaus to streamline the application process and underwriting. They offer solutions for equipment leasing, auto leasing and floor planning, and commercial lending.

4. Alfa

Alfa Systems provides integrated asset finance ERP solutions for equipment lessors and lenders. Their software covers the entire asset lifecycle from origination through end-of-lease or loan. Alfa integrates with credit bureaus, funding sources, and collection agencies.

Key features include a built-in decisioning engine, electronic document management, and a full suite of accounting and reporting tools. Alfa offers on-premise and SaaS deployment options.

5. White Clarke Group

White Clarke Group offers a range of finance and leasing software solutions under their Calypso brand. Their systems handle automotive, equipment, and commercial finance. Calypso automates the entire lending process, including origination, credit underwriting, servicing, and accounting. It provides a single platform with integrated modules for different asset types. White Clarke Group has over 25 years of experience providing technology solutions to banks, captives, and independent finance companies worldwide.

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