Auto Insurance: Get A Free Car Insurance Quotes Online

What Is Car Insurance Quote online?

Car insurance quotes online is a contract that you sign with an insurance provider, agreeing to pay premiums in exchange for protection against financial losses resulting from an accident or other damage to the car.


Tips for Getting the Lowest Car Insurance Quotes

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Compare quotes from multiple companies

Check quotes from at least 3-5 insurers. Compare not just premiums but also coverage, deductibles, and discounts.

2. Raise your deductibles

The higher your deductibles, the lower your premiums. If you can afford to pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim, raise your collision and comprehensive deductibles to $500 or $1,000. This could lower your premiums by up to 40%.


3. Check for discounts

Ask about bundling with homeowners or life insurance for a multi-policy discount. See if you qualify for a safe driver, student, military, or loyalty discount.

4. Maintain a good driving record

A clean driving record is one of the biggest factors in your auto premium. Avoid accidents and traffic violations which can increase your rates.

5. Consider usage-based insurance

If you drive fewer than 10,000 miles a year, sign up for a low-mileage discount program. Usage-based insurance uses a mobile app or device in your car to track your actual miles driven and safe driving habits. This can earn you significant savings, often over 25% of your premium.


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Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Quotes Online

Making adjustments to these factors can help lower your rates over time.

1. Your Location

Where you live plays a big role in your insurance costs. Rates vary significantly between states and even between zip codes. Urban areas typically have higher premiums than rural ones due to increased risks of accidents and thefts. If possible, consider moving to an area with lower insurance rates.

2. Your Coverage Limits

The more coverage you buy, the more you’ll pay. Cut your costs by choosing higher deductibles, which is the amount you pay out of pocket for any claims before your insurance kicks in.

3. Your Driving Record

Your driving history is one of the biggest factors affecting your premiums. Traffic violations like speeding tickets and accidents will cause rates to skyrocket. Maintain a clean driving record and avoid risky driving behaviors.

4. Your Vehicle

The type of car you drive also determines how much you’ll pay for insurance. Vehicles with high theft rates, costly repair parts, or poor safety ratings lead to higher premiums.

Making a few changes to these key factors under your control can add up to hundreds of dollars in annual savings on your car insurance premiums.

Ways to Lower Your Car Insurance Quotes Online

There are several ways you can lower your car insurance premiums.

1. Drop unnecessary coverage

Review your policy and see if there are any coverages you don’t need. Dropping things like rental car reimbursement, towing coverage or roadside assistance can save you money if you have coverage for those things through another provider or don’t need them at all.

2. Bundle your auto with other policies

Bundling multiple insurance policies together, like home and auto, can qualify you for a multi-policy discount. The more policies you bundle, the more you can save.

3. Maintain a good credit score

In most states, your credit score affects your auto insurance rates. Insurance companies see those with good credit as less risky to insure. Check your credit report and score to make sure there are no errors.

4. Consider usage-based insurance

If you drive fewer miles, you may qualify for a low-mileage discount. Usage-based insurance programs track your actual miles driven and can save good drivers up to 30 percent. Enroll in a program like Progressive’s Snapshot or State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save to earn bigger discounts.

Top 10 cheapest auto insurance companies

Here are the top 10 cheapest auto insurance companies according to recent studies:

1. Geico

Geico is consistently ranked as one of the most affordable car insurance companies. They are able to offer lower rates through direct marketing and online sales rather than agents. Geico offers standard coverage as well as mechanical breakdown insurance and rental reimbursement.


USAA is available only to military members, veterans, and their families. Their car insurance rates are frequently the lowest available. They offer all the standard coverage options as well as roadside assistance, accident forgiveness, and safe driver discounts.

3. State Farm

State Farm is the largest auto insurance company in the U.S. and is usually among the cheapest. They offer all the standard coverage plus roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, accident forgiveness, and safe driver discounts for those with a good driving record.

4. Progressive

Progressive is another major low-cost carrier that sells insurance directly to customers online and over the phone. They are known for offering lots of discounts and bundling options to help lower premiums. They also have usage-based insurance programs that can save good drivers up to 30% on their premiums.

5. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers very competitive rates for minimum liability and full coverage car insurance. Discounts are available for bundling home and auto, good students, anti-theft devices, and safe drivers. They also offer accident forgiveness, new car replacement, and 24-hour roadside assistance.

The remaining companies on the list are similar,

6. MetLife

7. Travelers

8. Mercury

9. 21st Century

10. Hartford

All this above listed compared ranked as having some of the lowest average rates according to recent surveys and studies.


The best way to find the cheapest car insurance quotes online for your situation is to compare personalized quotes from at least three or four of these companies. With some time and patience, you’ll be able to find an affordable policy with the coverage you need.

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