Streamlining Your Finance and Supply Chain With ServiceNow

Automate and Optimize Your Procure-to-Pay Processes With ServiceNow

Streamlining your procure-to-pay processes with ServiceNow Finance and Supply Chain Management can save you time, reduce costs, and minimize errors.


By automating and optimizing each step, you’ll gain end-to-end visibility and control.

Requisition and Purchase Order Management

With ServiceNow, employees can quickly create and submit purchase requisitions which are then automatically routed for approval based on your business rules.

Once approved, a purchase order is generated and sent to the supplier. The entire process is digital, eliminating paper forms and ensuring nothing gets lost or forgotten.


Receipt and Invoice Management

When goods are received, employees can log receipts in ServiceNow. The system will match each receipt to the original purchase order so you have a clear record of what was ordered and what was actually received.

Supplier invoices are also entered into the system where they are matched to the receipt and purchase order for fast processing and payment.

Payment Management

ServiceNow automates the payment process by generating payments to suppliers based on the matched invoices and your payment terms.


Electronic payments through virtual cards or ACH transfers provide an efficient way to pay suppliers while still maintaining control and visibility into cash flow. Automatic payment scheduling means suppliers get paid on time, every time.

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How to Manage Your Inventory and Logistics End-to-End With ServiceNow

With ServiceNow, you can gain end-to-end visibility and control over your inventory and logistics.

ServiceNow’s integrated solutions provide a single system of record for your supply chain that connects procurement, warehouses, transportation, and finance teams.

1. Optimized Inventory Management

ServiceNow gives you real-time insight into stock levels across all locations. You can see what’s on hand, on order, and in transit so you make data-driven decisions about rebalancing inventory and ensuring you have the right goods in the right places.

ServiceNow also helps you identify excess or obsolete stock so you can reduce waste and free up working capital.

2. Streamlined Procurement and Receiving

ServiceNow automates the full procure-to-pay process, from requesting and approving orders to receiving and paying for goods. You can quickly find and order from preferred suppliers to optimize pricing and terms.

ServiceNow also simplifies receiving by allowing you to record what’s been delivered against a purchase order with a mobile device.

3. Optimized Warehouse Operations

ServiceNow gives warehouse staff easy-to-use tools to efficiently manage all aspects of storage and fulfillment. Workers can use maps and optimized pick paths to locate inventory.

They can also use mobile devices to scan goods for quick and accurate cycle counts, picks, and put-aways.

By digitizing warehouse operations, you gain insight into utilization, throughput, and productivity to continuously improve performance.

4. Seamless Transportation Management

ServiceNow provides end-to-end visibility into your transportation network so you can optimize routes, improve on-time delivery, and reduce costs. You get a consolidated view of all transport routes, carriers, and shipments in one place.

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Get Real-Time Visibility Into Spend and Supplier Performance

Getting real-time visibility into spend and supplier performance is crucial for finance and supply chain leaders.

With ServiceNow, you gain instant insights into budgets, purchase orders, invoices, and more.

1. Track Spending in Real Time

See your budgets, purchase orders, and invoices as they happen. Get alerts when spending goes over budget or POs need approval. This real-time view of your financials helps avoid surprises and keeps projects on track.

2. Monitor Key Supplier Metrics

Keep tabs on supplier performance with key metrics like on-time delivery, quality, and responsiveness. Spot issues early and address them before they become problems. ServiceNow makes it easy to track SLA compliance and take action when suppliers underperform.

3. Improve Collaboration Across Teams

Break down silos between finance, procurement, and supply chain. ServiceNow provides a single system of record where teams can communicate in real time, share documents, and get approvals.

4. Make Data-Driven Decisions

With ServiceNow, you get powerful analytics and reporting across your financial and supply chain data. Identify spending patterns, spot opportunities for cost savings, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your operations. Customizable dashboards give executives and managers the insights they need.

5. Simplify Complex Processes

Many finance and supply chain processes involve multiple systems, complex routing logic, and manual handoffs. ServiceNow streamlines these processes with intelligent workflows and automation. Approvals, renewals, and more happen faster and with fewer errors. Your teams can focus on high-value tasks instead of chasing paper or fixing mistakes.


With real-time visibility and streamlined processes, ServiceNow helps you gain control of your finance and supply chain functions. Your business can become more agile, reduce costs, build strategic partnerships, and achieve its goals faster.

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