How to Make a Payment at TD Bank Quickly and Easily

How to Set Up Payments Through TD Bank Online Banking

To set up payments through online banking with TD bank, follow these simple steps:


1. Log in to TD Bank’s website

Go to and sign in to your online banking account. From there, select “Pay Bills” or “Make Payments” to get started.

2. Add your receiver

Once you’re in the payment center, add any new payees you want to set up payments for. This could be your mortgage, auto loan, utility companies, or credit cards. Have your account number, payment amount, and payment schedule (one time or recurring) handy for each payee.

3. Set up one-time or recurring payments

For one-time payments, enter the payee, payment amount, and desired payment date. For recurring bills like rent or your cable bill, select the frequency – weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. The system will automatically generate payment dates based on the schedule you choose. You can always log in and modify or cancel these payments if needed.


4. Choose a payment method

Select either your TD Bank checking or savings account to make the payments from. As an alternative, you can add an external account like a credit card to pay from. Just have the account number, expiration date, and CVV code ready.

5. Check again and submit

Double check all the details for your payments – amounts, dates, payees, accounts – to ensure everything is correct. Once verified, submit your payments. They will be processed automatically on the scheduled dates.

With TD Bank’s online bill pay, staying on top of your payments each month couldn’t be more straightforward.


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Making in-Person Payments at TD Bank Locations

Making payments in person at your local TD Bank branch is quick and straightforward. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Have Your Payment Details Ready

Before heading to the bank, make sure you have the details of the payment you need to make. This includes the account number, payment amount, and any other relevant information like a bill or invoice number. It’s also a good idea to bring your bank card or some other form of ID.

2. Speak to a Teller

Once inside your TD Bank branch, look for an open teller window. Let the teller know you’re there to make an in-person payment. Provide the details of the payee and payment amount.

The teller will verify the details and process the payment on the spot. They can also print a receipt for your records if you need one.

3. Other Options

If the line at the teller windows looks long, you have a couple of other choices.

Many TD Bank locations have self-serve teller machines where you can process payments yourself with no waiting.

These machines work just like an ATM but allow you to make payments and deposits in addition to withdrawals.

Some branches also offer payment kiosks where you enter the payment details on a touch screen and the kiosk will print a receipt once the payment has been processed.

A teller will still verify and approve the payment, but this can save some time versus waiting in the teller queue.

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Using the TD Bank Mobile App to Pay Bills

Paying your bills on the go has never been easier with the TD Bank mobile app. In just a few taps, you can view bills, set up payments and pay virtually anyone.

To get started, log into the TD Bank mobile app on your phone or tablet and tap “Pay Bills” at the bottom of the screen. This will show you an overview of any bills due, the amounts owed and the due dates. Tap on a bill to view the details and make a payment.

To add a new payee, tap the “+” symbol at the top of the screen. Enter the name of the company or person you want to pay, their mailing address and account number if you have it.

The app will search to confirm the details. Once added, the new payee will appear in your bill overview so you can easily pay them going forward.

When you’re ready to pay a bill, simply tap the amount owed next to the bill details. Confirm the payment details like the payment amount and payment date, then tap “Submit Payment”.

You can also set up recurring automatic payments for bills with the same amount due each month like rent or a car payment. Just tap the “Set Up AutoPay” option next to the bill and the app will automatically pay that amount on the same date each month. You can cancel or adjust an AutoPay at any time.


With the TD Bank mobile app, paying bills on the go is convenient and secure. Manage all your payments, view payment history and set payment alerts right from your mobile device 24/7. Stay on top of your obligations and avoid late fees with the tap of a button. Pay virtually anyone at your fingertips.

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