All About Klaviyo’s Payment Plans and Pricing

Klaviyo’s Subscription Plans: Which One Is Right for You?

So you’re interested in Klaviyo but you are not sure which plan is right for your business.


Klaviyo offers three subscription plans: Core, Pro, and Enterprise. Let’s examine the key details of each of them so you can choose the best fit for you.

1. Core

Klaviyo’s basic yet powerful plan. For $25/month, you get:

  • Automated email campaigns
  • List segmentation
  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • Analytics and reporting

Perfect for small ecommerce businesses getting started with email marketing. If you have under 10,000 contacts and want to set up basic email flows, the Core plan should suit your needs.


2. Pro

Klaviyo’s most popular mid-tier plan. For $100/month, you get all the Core features plus:

  • Automated SMS messaging
  • Predictive subscriber insights
  • Advanced analytics like revenue reporting and A/B testing
  • Priority support

Ideal for fast-growing ecommerce companies with up to 100,000 contacts who want to level up their marketing strategy. The Pro plan gives you the tools to get hyper-targeted with your messaging and optimize performance.

3. Enterprise

Klaviyo’s premium plan for large ecommerce brands. Pricing varies based on your contact volume and needs. Enterprise includes:

  • All Pro features
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Custom onboarding and training
  • Advanced predictive modeling
  • APIs and data integrations
  • International data hosting

For ecommerce enterprises with over 100,000 contacts who want an all-in-one marketing platform and high-touch support. The structure and knowledge required to carry out complex, broad email marketing campaigns are provided by the enterprise plan.

Simply put, pick Core if you’re just starting out, Pro if you want to improve your marketing, and Enterprise if you require a strong, customised solution. Klaviyo offers a strategy for each and every online store.

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Understanding Klaviyo’s Usage-Based Pricing Model

Klaviyo offers usage-based pricing for their email marketing platform. This means the more contacts and emails you have, the higher your monthly cost. They have four main paid plans:

1. Startup

Great for new ecommerce stores with under 2,500 contacts. For $25/month, you get basic email marketing features to get started.

2. Growing

As your contact list grows to 10,000 and beyond, upgrade to the Growing plan. For $50/month, get more advanced email automation and segmentation to better engage your customers.

3. Accelerated

Once you surpass 25,000 contacts, the Accelerated plan provides full access to Klaviyo’s robust email marketing platform for $150/month. Personalize email journeys, send post-purchase campaigns, and optimize for higher open and click rates.

4. Enterprise

Get specialised assistance and customised features with Klaviyo Enterprise, beginning at $500 per month, for bigger stores with 100,000+ contacts.

The good news is that, depending on your email volume and contact count, you only pay for what you use. Klaviyo does not charge additional fees for advanced features like analytics, classification, or automation. Furthermore, Klaviyo will automatically upgrade you to the next plan as your contact list expands over time, costing you simply the difference in price. In the event that your contact count drops, you can also downgrade at any moment.

Klaviyo’s usage-based methodology and open pricing make it perfect for all sizes of e-commerce businesses. Klaviyo will scale with you as your organisation and contact list expand over time, ensuring you never pay for more than you require. Focus on engaging your customers and let Klaviyo’s affordable plans power your email marketing.

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How to Get the Most Value From Your Klaviyo Subscription

Here are some tips to maximize the value from your subscription:

1. Choose the Right Plan for Your Needs

Klaviyo offers monthly plans for every budget, from the free Forever Free plan up to Enterprise. Make sure you choose a plan with the features and messaging limits you need. If you find you’re exceeding the limits, you can always upgrade to the next level.

It’s better to pay a bit more for extra headroom than to get capped just when your campaigns are gaining momentum.

2. Take Advantage of Klaviyo’s Resources

There are a lot of helpful instruments available on Klaviyo that can assist you be successful with email and SMS marketing. Check out their personal website for the newest data, case studies, and strategies. Learn new skills by watching their video courses and webinars. Also, be sure to check out their helpful publications, such as the yearly Consumer Email Engagement Report, which offers important email metrics from a variety off industries so you can compare.

3. configure Your Integration

Connect Klaviyo to the various tools you use, such as software for data analysis, CRM, marketing automation, and e-commerce platforms. Using integrations, Klaviyo can connect behavioural data, initiate workflows, and retrieve contacts automatically.

The time you save by connecting your systems is going to exceed the cost of your subscription.

Some of the most popular integrations include:

  • Shopify: Pulls in customers, orders, and products to build targeted email lists and campaigns.
  • HubSpot: Syncs contacts between your CRM and email marketing, enabling personalized messaging based on contact attributes and behaviors.
  • Google Analytics: Sends web activity and ecommerce data to Klaviyo which can then be used to trigger personalized email automations.
  • Facebook: Imports your ad audiences to allow highly targeted messaging on Klaviyo based on people’s interests and behaviors on Facebook.


By choosing the right plan, using Klaviyo’s resources, and setting up key integrations, you’ll get the maximum benefit from your investment in Klaviyo. Their powerful platform, paired with your marketing strategy and creativity, can help take your business to the next level.

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