Blog: payMe Platform - Using Gamification to Incentivize Knowledge

payMe Platform - Using Gamification to Incentivize Knowledge
  • 22 Feb, 2022
  • by payMe

payMe Platform - Using Gamification to Incentivize Knowledge

GAMIFICATION – a way of incentivizing knowledge

The dictionary definition of gamification is:


  • the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g. point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.


In this application, we use those elements of a game – point scoring, rules of play (incentivizing success), and competition with others (which is presently on), as an online marketing technique to encourage intellectual development engagement with academic and sports quizzes.

Thus, the payMe niche of Gamification is wisely rooted in Educational Empowerment – a seldom explored sector in our local society seeking emancipation concepts.

Why the educational sector?

Because there is a threefold impact on the educational sector given the underwhelming national policies on education. 

First, the present poor condition of the sector makes it a fertile ground for new welfare concepts.

For example, creating a technology invention that will enable educators to have an alternative source of financial empowerment to augment the little stipend they receive from their employer as salary. This will make them not look for unethical ways of earning like encouraging sorting and other forms of exam malpractices.

Second, at the school level, the networks are effective tools for computer-assisted education and resource/database sharing between schools. 

The use of networks in graduate research, library searches, faculty searches, administrative support, and student records has already begun at schools and colleges around the world. This trend is likely to grow in the next few decades because the world’s economy is currently rooted in information technologies, including educational services

Third, the existence of terminals, nodes, and computer-network-interface gear helps young students to conceive ideas and internalize the use and impact of the advanced technological evolution of modern society. The utilization of intelligent systems and information technologies in the educational environment is, perhaps, the most effective method in preparing the young minds of any nation to cope with the transition toward a developed economy.

Moreso, with the advent of the blockchain-powered application dominating the internet space the quality of current service, is bound to improve, and newer ethical and intelligent services will be evolving.

Our gamification of learning is an educational approach that seeks to motivate students by incentivizing success meritoriously using competition in intellectual enhancement trivia and in an unrestricted learning environment made possible with the decentralized feature of blockchain technology. The goal is to maximize the transparency of the network in evaluating individual performances and harness the decentralization feature to democracy engagement in any learning process without third-party interference. This is intended to capture the interest of learners and inspire them to continue self-appraisal through competitive learning.

How does payMe intend to achieve this?

A Brief Overview About payMe Platform 

payMe is a decentralized play-to-earn web application created for incentivizing success meritoriously with the platform's native utility token with both pay-to-play (p2p) and play-to-earn protocol. payMe is a technical solution initiated by some concerned Nigerians to help curb the habit of malpractice in exams, lack of interest in learning, and addiction to gambling affecting the growing population. payMe is structured to incentivize success with the intent to compel users to vigorously exert themselves to improve their knowledgeability in a test of intellectual acumen quizzing challenge. payMe is designed to encourage knowledge development using the incentivization of success. payMe serves as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to users who are psychotically affected by the disturbing examination malpractice permitted in the system, with the learn-to-earn functionality that catalyzes users’ desire to aspire to be the best in a fine and meritorious form of testing their knowledgeability. 

payMe is originally a native play-to-earn (P2E) web application upgraded to a decentralized platform with the integration of blockchain economy powered by its' native utility token - payMe Pay Token (payME) - an exchange liquidity pool and BEP-20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, designed for efficient stablecoin trading and for carrying out transactions in the payMe platform. Along with the gamification and technology education blog services available at present, the platform will in the future include an educational research hub/library, online discussion classes, and community networking (social media) services to avail a variety of options to members of the community. Users' eligibility to access the other four of the five services offered in the platform must be by being active in the gaming contest. 



The Educational Research Hub

This is going to be a research material bank or e-library for different academic topics and disciplines. It offers to earn opportunities to scholars, researchers, and educators.

Scholars will apply to include their Thesis, Academic Projects, Term Papers, and Articles in our Library. The works would be examined, appraised, and rated 1 to 5 credit loads, by independent invigilators, and if certified to earn a minimum of 4 credit loads, will be approved for upload into our library.

The independent invigilators will be handpicked professionals in renowned higher institutions of learning globally and would be 5 in each field/discipline. payMe will reach out to ASUU and other nation’s professional bodies in the educational sector to sensitize their educators for engagement. They will have to apply virtually with their certification, and we shall hire professionals to evaluate their competency in service.

Users (scholars/researchers) can consult the approved materials for both academic, business, and technical research projects. Downloads are paid services with the payMe token.

Every revenue from the downloads is split among the authors, invigilators, and the community. While the author has 60% of the download fees, the independent invigilators in that field of discipline share 10%, and the platform has 30%. Thus, the payMe Platform is creating a unique empowerment opportunity for educators and scholars in real-time.

The Online Tutorial Class

This is a kind of discussion class for intellectual skill acquisition and to be anchored by independent educators on their page created on the platform.  Students can seek guidance on a paid service for tutoring and guidance on any difficult area of interest in academic work.

The educators pay a 10% service fee to the platform and have 90% of the agreed fee with the scholar.

The other two Gamification and Technology Education Blogs are already available on the payMe platform. While social media network is to be developed last, as a friendship zone, and interactive group forum for the community.

payMe will continue to evolve with revolutionary trends!