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payMe Trivia Quiz Contest is a knowledge-based online community-driven contest created for entertainment, enlightenment, and empowerment of members. It is crowdfunding-programmed gaming that allows members to deliberately contribute liquidity to sustain the rewarding of distinguished intellectuals amongst themselves. Winnings are strictly designed to be decided on the intellectual skill of swiftly providing accurate answers, to differ from the original pattern of the gaming industry, which is luck driven and famously circumscribed by chance. payMe is conscientious gaming centered on intellectual competence, and fairness in rewarding.

payMe Trivia Quiz™ is designed to play on web browsers enabling desktop and mobile applications. It is technically structured with superlative uniqueness that distinguished it among competing brands and yet, an ongoing concern project that will continue to meet the community’s demands, according to current trends.

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ACE Winning Update (2023 - Week 23)

This is not the final result

COS Winning Update (2023 - Week 23)

This is not the final result
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