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Gaming, which is commonly viewed as a recreational activity in most parts of the globe is characterized by activities that select winners by chance and are seen as gambling. Though mostly legalized by governments for the purpose of generating revenue, gambling is any activity (a game of chance/luck or skill) where an item of value is placed at risk to gain something of greater value. It is seen less as a menace in society while in essence a salient problem that has continued to cause more harm to society. Gambling is chronically addictive and associated with increased behavioral problems including delinquency and crime, disruption of relationships, impaired academic performance, and work activities as well as poor psychological outcomes, including low self-esteem, depression, and suicidal ideations and attempts (Akeem, 2020).

Gambling exists in different forms but varies in popularity; some of those forms include lotteries, casinos, sports betting, poker, gaming, and pool betting. Presently, gambling is common and easily accessible to everyone because of the popularity of the internet and mobile devices. Netizens embrace it to meet their quest for quick money, greed, peer group influence, or passion in activities like sports just for fun. Whereas some who see it as the only gateway to their success engage in gambling to cushion the effect of economic hardship, amidst the high rate of unemployment, underemployment, and poverty ravaging the globe.

Whatever the reason for gambling, the underlying motive is man’s insatiable want for more. This insatiable desire is what inspired so many projects. Professional sales experts also leverage it while introducing products and services to the market. The result is always the same when it offers more in a less stressful manner. People do not necessarily care about morality and ethics when it comes to having more and more, and this is what leads to the misery of gambling. Thus, the advent of a project structured to mimic the healthy part of what gaming offers to gamesters – empowerment, based on merited success becomes a necessary headway to thwart this flooding addiction.


With the pay-to-earn gaming model gaining mainstream acceptance, and the menace of gambling becoming a global concern, especially in relation to sports betting, lotteries, pools, and all forms of the game of chance, the concept of passionate, rewarding gaming that eschews every form of gambling became a societal-need.

A team of business-focused pro-thinkers conceived and developed an anti-gambling-type gaming replica that is intended to serve Gamesters as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in the quest for economic empowerment. The creation is intended to incentivize the exhibition of knowledgeability in a gaming system that promotes communal competition.

Though, borrowed from Sir Francis Bacon’s concept of “knowledge is power” stated in his published work – Meditationes Sacrae (1597), and used to communicate the idea that having and sharing knowledge can influence reputation, and command wealth. This conviction prompted the invention of a crowdfunded supported intellectual contest with exciting rewards for success codenamed the payMe Trivia Quiz Contest.  

The Service

payMe Trivia Quiz Contest is a knowledge-based online community-driven contest created for entertainment, enlightenment, and empowerment of members. It is crowdfunding-programmed gaming that allows members to deliberately source the funds used in rewarding distinguished intellectuals amongst themselves. Winnings are strictly designed to be decided on the intellectual skill of swiftly providing accurate answers, to differ from the original pattern of the gaming industry, which is luck driven and famously circumscribed by chance. payMe is conscientious gaming centered on intellectual competence, and fairness in rewarding.

The contest is designed to play on web browsers enabling desktop and mobile applications. It is technically structured with superlative uniqueness that distinguished it among competing brands and yet, an ongoing concern product that will continue to meet quizzers’ demands, according to societal needs and trends.

The Product Aim and Objectives

The product’s aim is to create a platform that guarantees sustainable fiscal empowerment on merit to larger Quizzer Participants.

The core objectives are:

  1. to create a decent platform to reward passion for soccer. 
  2. to promote ethical contests in examinations
  3. To encourage edifying research habits amongst Quizzers, especially the youths, and thus, enhance the quizzer participants’ learning ability.

The Economic Benefit

There are so many economic benefits to be derived from the payMe Trivia Quizcontest, and they include:

  1. That payMe encourages participants to cultivate research habits, a valuable learning exercise most scholars lack today.
  2. That payMe Trivia Quiz is a healthy alternative means of rewarding users’ passion for gaming as against the unhealthy societal norm of gambling.
  3. payMe rewards merited success through sustainable fiscal empowerment to a transparent exhibition of intellectual prowess.
  4. payMe Trivia Quiz is a self-rehabilitating, anti-crime exercise.


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