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When Sir Francis Bacon in his published work, Meditationes Sacrae (1597), stated: "knowledge itself is power", he most likely wanted to communicate the idea that having and sharing knowledge influences reputation, endearment, and wealth, which can commonly be equated to power. This is logical because, in transmitting your knowledge to others, you influence their reasoning and actions perfunctorily. Thus, the saying that knowledge is power is practical, and we built our project on this line of thought to empower intellectual assets.

PAY MASTER ENTERPRISE (PAYME), an organization formed to use Platforms to Empower its' Communities, with the full consent of our community, is building a societal project that intends to empower members for contributing their intellectual content productively. Three years ago, PAYME ideals were conceived as a community-centric business model aiming to reward its members' intellectual assets with community-sourced resources.

Our concept of community empowerment is developing and using membership platforms to offer economic opportunities, create decentralized accessibility, and incentivize value-added content using community-driven revenues. This belief stirred our project developmental framework of incentivizing active members of our community for contributing value-added content to our network space. The incentivizing system is intentionally structured to be result driven and meritorious, to drive scalable engagement. Thus, on February 28th, 2021, we first launched an internet-based competitive trivia that incentivized many Nigerians and prepared our community's foundation for the next stage. The test run was successful as more global NETIZENS appealed for inclusiveness. Hence, we entered the next stage of finding a way of using Blockchain protocol to harness the potential of the internet of things to create unrestrictive access and transparency for global netizens.

In the bid to actualize the above objective as well as realize our business ideation, Pay Master Enterprise with the full consent of our Investment Partners deliberately created a currency – PayMe, a BEP20 utility token model, that guarantees unrestrictive exploration of internet-based CMS platforms for easy access to global netizens as a globalization apparatus; and thus, builds a bridge between the internet of things and Blockchain for more symbiotic interfacing. PayMe token is coded with a smart contract (solidity), allowing it to interact with web-based platforms as a transactional currency.

The symbolic insignia 'PayMe', denotes the ability of the project to empower users. PayMe represents a modern globalization apparatus created to offer global netizens their fundamental rights to freedom of thought; freedom of opinion and expression, peaceful assemble, association; and participation in public affairs. To ensure this intention is met, the PayMe community created multi-service platforms to appeal to the choice of each netizen.


The PayMe Platforms include - WitDemy, a Learning Management System (LMS) with the domain link – https://www.witdemy.com; WitFora, a multi-functional social networking site with the domain name https://www.witfora.com and WitChirp, a unique micro-blogging site with the domain name https://www.witchirp.com. All are structured to foster both economic and intellectual empowerment.


PayMe aims to achieve the following business objectives:

  1. Create evergreen scalability for platform tokens.
  2. Contribute to the utility of a decentralized economy.
  3. Encourage the usability of blockchain on the internet of things.
  4. Harness the opportunities on the internet of things with blockchain.

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