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PayMe is a community-membership project that rewards users of its platforms for their productive content on the community space with resources of the platforms. The project's liquidity and cashflow is primarily sustained with the platform's native currency - PayMe, a BEP20 utility token model, that guarantees unrestrictive exploration of internet-based CMS platforms for easy access to global netizens as a globalization apparatus.

PayMe has a primary goal of building a symbiotic interfacing between internet-based platforms and blockchain. The project brought forth WitFora, an incentivizing social networking site; WitDemy, an LMS course platform; WitChirp, a micro-blogging social network and PayMe Quiz, an incentivizing weekly intellectual contest to achieve its community-centric ideation.

PayMe community thus, welcomes all NETIZENS, especially crypto enthusiast, social networkers, bloggers, scholars, and gamers to fully embrace the project, by signing-up on any of the community's platforms of choice, explore beyond limit, and engage constructive and productive content to be empowered meaningfully!

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ACE Winning Update (2023 - Week 05)

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COS Winning Update (2023 - Week 05)

This is not the final result
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